About Us

Carlo Rossini, the son of Bill and Jean Rossini, of Chatham, Ontario, was a bright, energetic young man of 20 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. A year later, Carlo passed away in a car accident. In the short time between his diagnosis and his untimely death, the Rossini family became keenly aware of the financial and emotional strain diabetes puts on individuals and their families.

The Carlo Rossini Memorial Fund

Shortly after Carlo passed away, The Carlo Rossini Memorial Fund was created with a substantial $75,000. This fund still exists within the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) and is invested through the Chatham-Kent Community Foundation. Each year the interest earned is returned and used by the local branch of Canadian Diabetes Association for research, education and advocacy.

The Carlo Rossini Memorial Diabetes Foundation

This foundation was established in 2007 to fund items that are not currently under the mandate of the Canadian Diabetes Association, although the Foundation works in cooperation with CDA.

Items Funded Include:

    • Foot care clinics
    • Chiropodist visits
    • Properly fitted shoes and diabetic socks
    • Library resources
    • Emergency prescriptions
    • A $2,000 bursary to a graduating student with diabetes, who is progressing to post-secondary education
    • Dental work
    • Special events, such as the Diabetes Expo
    • Requests from health care professionals to help patients with special needs

    And moreā€¦