Our MissionHelping people of Chatham-Kent deal with diabetes… day by day.

If you ask the thousands of people who have diabetes in Chatham-Kent they will tell you there is nothing sweet about this disease. It can creep up on you. And once you have it you must deal with it every day.

The Carlo Rossini Memorial Diabetes Foundation raises money at the grassroots level to help individuals in Chatham-Kent who cannot afford the basic items, services and medicines that will help them deal with this disease.

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All money raised through this Foundation remains in Chatham-Kent.
Did you know? The Carlo Rossini Memorial Diabetes Foundation is the only charity in Chatham-Kent focused on people with diabetes.

Living with Diabetes isA Daily and Costly Challenge

Preventative Care is Key For diabetics, serious foot sores can lead to amputation of feet or legs. Medical studies show that if a foot or leg is amputated (at a cost of $70,000 to our healthcare system), the length of that person’s life is notably reduced. Foot clinics supported by the  Carlo Rossini Memorial Diabetes Foundation help save lives.   


There is no cure for diabetes, but there is prevention.Preventative care saves money for our clients and the healthcare system.

    • Foot care clinics
    • Chiropodist visits
    • Properly fitted shoes and diabetic socks
    • Library resources
    • Emergency prescriptions
    • A $2,000 bursary to a grading student with diabetes, who is progressing to post-secondary education
    • Dental work
    • Special events, such as the Diabetes Expo
    • Request from health care professionals to help patients with special needs
    And more...